Bach Quote

I play the notes as they are written…but it is God who makes the music.

-J.S. Bach


Not Lazy…Conservative.

So whenever I’m looking for something in the kitchen, like food or utensils, I usually ask before or while I’m looking. Turns out, in the feminine point of view, asking while/before searching is lazy.

I beg to differ.

The reason I ask is because I don’t organize and keep that kitchen. I don’t know where everything is. My sisters and my mom, however, do organize and keep the kitchen. They know where everything is. So why waste precious time looking for something when someone already knows where it is? Asking isn’t being lazy, it’s being conservative of God-given time and humble to admit that I don’t know.

Touché to the females.

Shoveling Coal

Law, Grace, & Real Estate

You gotta love the gym. Where else can you be updated on all the evils in the world all at once? TVs everywhere on every channel can give you updates from 6 points of view simultaneously. War in Israel. Chaos in Iraq. Mess in Washington. Mayhem in Detroit. Ebola in Liberia. Actors killing themselves.

Good Morning, America! It’s another day in our broken, messed up world.

You can turn off the TV, but you can’t turn off the problems. They are there.

So…what is there to do? What to do but put your head phones in and run. Run.

I can’t fix the Middle East. I can’t fix poverty. I can’t fix drugs and depression. I feel like I should do something, but what? And what would matter anyway?

Despite trying to shut it out, I can’t help but keep asking myself those questions while I’m running. Yep, I’m watching…

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Dad’s quotes

My dad, whenever we have a family meeting or just when we’re talking, is very creative when it comes to illustrations; and during those illustrations he, sometimes, will come up with neat sayings. So if you see a post titled Dad’s Quote, you know it came from him. In this case, I’m gonna state one of his older, but undying, ones:

“A life of compromise is a life of defeat.”

Constructive Criticism

Hey everybody! Just thought I’d tell you what this blog is mainly for.

Recently, I was made aware that my style of composition and arrangements mirrored the likeness of an orchestra. So while my techniques are still in the earlier part of development, I thought I could invite people who have more experience with composing and arranging music to critique my work, give me pointers, or just state a general opinion about my work. Hopefully soon, I will be posting recordings of some of my current projects for people to critique me by.