Everyone has them.

Sometimes we just don’t remember…other times, you wish you forgot.

I can think of a few times when I was still very young where, at that time, my imagination would get the better of me at night. For instance, when I was maybe five, I dreamt of Count Dooku (Starwars character) haunting me in my bed. Then there was that other nightmare. I dreamed my family got into a car wreck and was mauled by a soulless killer.

But the really freaky dream: the dream where you’re in reality.

I remember one morning, I was supposed to be up earlier to do a workout with my Marine uncle, and I was prepared…or so I thought.

I had set my alarm clock, and prepped everything I needed for the next day. I went to bed that night unaware of what was to happen…

I got up the next morning, got ready, ate breakfast, and pretty much everything I had to do to be ready to go. But then I heard my alarm clock. My eyes shot open to the stunning reality that I had, instead of getting up early, slept in late!

It wasn’t’ exactly so bad…my uncle decided to sleep in too.



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