Hey look, there’s my son!


So this is kinda a late post I was supposed to do yesterday for Labor Day, but I didn’t have time to finish it. Anyway, when I think about possibilities for a future career, there’s one specific job that stands out as the last resort for survival: underwear model. Kudos to the guys out there who can do that kind of exposing jobs, but that’s just not for me.

At all.


I mean just imagine this:

You are a mother of a teenage son, and you’re on your weekly shopping trip. The next object on your list is something like socks for your son, so you make your way towards that section of the store. As your walking, you pass the undergarments section for boys and men, and…lo and behold, you see your son revealing all his glory and manhood on the cover of a universal undies’ package. What are you gonna do? Look at it and say “Hey look, there’s my son!”?

I don’t know. I just couldn’t do it.


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