The Wait for…Princess Charming?

If you’ve read any of my sister’s posts, you know that they are learning about modesty and waiting for Prince Charming to come to them…all according to the Lord’s timing.

Anyway, my sister’s and I were talking about plans for the future, like what career we’re planning to pursue, or where we plan to live. But the the big thing was when we were planning to get married.

Now the one thing we all agreed on was we wanted to get married as soon as possible. When you grow up in a family as big as mine, I think it’s hard to ever live on your own. But what we didn’t’ agree on was waiting.

So you’re telling me you want me to wait for…Princess Charming?

Yes, I plan on waiting for the Lord’s timing, but when He says “Go get her.” I’m gonna go get her! See, there’s a difference between guys and gals when it comes to waiting. Girls are waiting for Prince Charming to come sweep them off their feet. Guys are waiting for God to tell them to sweep a girl off their feet.

I mean would you imagine if the concept girls should have about waiting applied to guys?

“Yep, I’m just gonna wait here for whatever girl God has in store for me to come and pick me up so we can start our family.”


Not exactly right.

But hey, Princess Charming, wherever you are, I’m waiting!

Thanks for reading!

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