Relief in an Air vent


Have you ever done anything crazy because you were under pressure?

I remember an incident a long time ago…and I mean a looooooong time ago, back when I only had two siblings and my family could fit in an apartment. We actually did live in an apartment back then. Anyway, I was probably 6 or 7 and had normal childhood phobias…such as being afraid of the dark. Even more so to go out in the abyss of a hall way at night.

Now picture this:

It’s late in the night, and you’re a child that’s supposed to be falling asleep…

But then you feel the call of nature.


Being a kid that’s got to go in the middle of the night was intense. Especially when you have limited options. So what was I gonna do? Here’s what was going on in my head:

“Okay, I can’t go out in the hallway…too scary. I obviously can’t go in my pants cause that’s just embarrassing and I’ll be stripped of my dignity. Boy, this would be a good time to still be in diapers. I can’t go there, there or the-…wait…what’s that? Oh look! an air vent in the floor! It’s perfect, there’ll be no evidence…at least none that I could think of. I should probably wait till the air goes off first so it doesn’t blow back up.

(a few minutes later) There, it’s off. I can go now.”

So I pulled down my pants and…well, I think you got the picture.

Hey, I was young, under pressure, and didn’t have a whole lot of options! Like any of you didn’t do anything similar!

Thanks for reading! – Joshua B.

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