More Than Just My Toes Getting Stepped On

IMG_5941 This is the story of how I died…

…this is actually a pretty funny story:) I didn’t REALLY die, I just stopped doing something. And this is why I stopped.

My family and I used to live on a farm, and on that farm we had an assortment of different animals. We had chickens, rabbits, fish, goats, and most important in light of this story, horses. And as you can imagine, we loved to ride them. We would ride our horses almost every chance we got. But there was one pretty big problem with that…

We didn’t really know how.

Yeah, we weren’t exactly experts when we first sat in the saddle. At least at first, my sisters have grown in their knowledge greatly since we started. Thank God we had friends who were experts and were willing to teach us, but even then, we made many mistakes. We got hurt a few times even. Actually a lot. Especially me. And there was one time where I had had it. I was done.



I remember it well:

My sisters and I were out going for our normal afternoon ride, and we were all excited, for we had gotten our first crop (for those of you who aren’t savvy with horse stuff, a crop is a stick-like whip we use while riding). The funny thing about it was…we didn’t exactly know how to use it, just like a lot of other things back then. But we figured, “You hit the horse on the butt with it, the horse will go faster, nothing to it.”

At that point I wish there was someone that would slap me upside the head and tell me, “You asinine ingrate! That ain’t how you use the stinking thing!”

Sadly, I didn’t, so that’s what I did.

I climbed on the horse, tapped him on the side with my boots, and we were off.

That’s when I used the crop.

Apparently our horse had never really been adjusted to using a crop or anything, so, as you can imagine, he flipped out.

And I flipped off.

Yeah, I decided to bail off before I got hit by a tree branch.

Worst mistake of my life.

As I landed, I felt all of my weight come crashing down…but more than my weight ended up on me.

After I fell, the stinking animal (yes Jazzy, I am calling your Red a “stinking animal”) had turned around and came  rushing toward me, actually stepping on me as he came. And it wasn’t just on me, on a very delicate part of me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been stepped on by a horse plenty of times, but only on my foot or somewhere where it doesn’t hurt as much. But I’ve never had a horse step right next to my…well, we don’t need to go there. Good grief, that hurt.

And you know what my sisters did?

They just laughed.

I never cared for riding horses after that.


Thanks for reading ya’ll! – Joshua



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