Most Confusing Test Ever Created



Right now, I’m taking classes studying for the SAT test, and it dawned on me how hindering the test is. I mean it’s like, “Do you want me to go to college or not?” You basically have to study to take a test…then re-study all of that material in detail again in college, if, that is, you manage to make it into a college. If it were just a placement test, yeah, I could understand that. But I mean, if you don’t pass you don’t get into a good college. Good grief, they even make the questions hard to understand so you fail them.

Maybe I’m just ignorant on how that all works, but it seems a bit ironic. Some feedback from those who understand more about this ridiculous test would be great.

Thanks! – Josh


2 thoughts on “Most Confusing Test Ever Created

  1. I’ve never taken the test, but I totally sympathize with your dilemma. I live in Korea and no where in the world are tests so important as here. At least that’s been my experience. I feel so sorry for the pressure young people are under. Keep persisting. You’ll get through it!

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