More of Argument Warfare

IMG_6559 Being in a family of 7 other siblings, yes, we do argue quite often. Not in, like, a “I-wanna-murder-you” attitude, although we do get out of hand sometimes. More in a “I-want-it-to-happen-this-way-cause-this-is-my-idea” attitude. We all know that we love each other, although we don’t always want to admit it, but arguing in our family  is normal…inevitable really. And believe it or not, I believe it’s supposed to be that way…

Romans 12:4-5 “For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.”

Obviously, the reason we argue is because we don’t think alike, which could be both good and bad, but imagine if we all thought alike…no one would get anywhere! Just think, the airplane, the lightbulb, the telephone, none of these would’ve been invented if people didn’t think differently. Even in music, if there was no creativity, none of the great composers who brought great eras in musical history would’ve been around, thus no music would’ve been brought forth. Of course, then you have such events as the Civil War, WWI and II, episodes that led to many tragedies…also because people thought differently.

Picture it this way: a human body consists of many vital components, the head, the arms, the trunk, the legs, and so on. As such, they each have there respectful duties. The legs carry you, the arms help you compete different tasks, etc. But what if they all thought that they were the same thing? You would have a head that thought it was a leg, or an hand that thought it was a foot, or a face that thought it was a butt (sometimes that happens, lol JK). Anyways, things would all be discombobulated, as you can see. However, what happens when everything operates accordingly? You can see because your eyes are acting like eyes. You can walk because your legs are acting like legs. You can hear because your ears are acting like ears. The body becomes one strong mechanism made of individual elements doing its appropriate job.

Just like a family. You have the head of the house, the bread-winner in the family. The mother, the bread-maker of the family. Then all those underneath performing household duties like caring for the smaller children.

There’s also the Church, as mentioned in the verse above. You have those meant to preach, and those meant to teach. You have those that are meant to go, and those who are meant to stay. You have those meant to direct, and those meant to do.

Then there’s the workplaces. You have those meant to do blue collar work, and those meant for white collar work. There are those meant for operating on a patient, and those meant to take care of janitorial duties. You have your office workers, and field workers.

But then there’s another scenario…

What happens when you have a leg telling an arm what to do? Or an eye trying to be an ear?

Say the leg told the arm to move. Maybe it could’ve been because the arm was in the way (I don’t see how it could be, but this is just an example:D)

Or it could’ve been the leg was just upset at the arm at the time.

See the difference?

Put in a real life situation, you would have something like a janitor telling a surgeon that he’s operating wrongly.


Then you’ve also got the eye trying to be an ear. What happens when you put something where it’s not supposed to be? Like gasoline next to a fire?

Bad things happen. (duh.)

In reality, it would be like a father trying to be a mother, or the janitor trying to be the surgeon, or the office worker trying to out up a roof on a house where the field worker should’ve been.

As you can see, indifferences can be either beneficial or destructive.

Same as arguments, but most of the time they’re just nonessential, as are the lot of them that go on throughout our house.


This probably would’ve made a great chapter of some sort of book if it were elongated, but, if you haven’t noticed, this is just an article on a blog. And sorry, I know I stink at endings. I never was one for endings anyway. But I hoped you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading! – Josh


2 thoughts on “More of Argument Warfare

  1. As your analogy of the body is spot on, when each member works as it is suppose to, then the body works properly. This can be seen that the body, its members are working in ONE ACCORD. Just as we, (the church) should be doing. Although we are all different, nonetheless, we should all still be in one accord together as part of the body of Christ. We should all be of one-mind, all be like-minded and to have the mind of Christ. In this aspect, this is when the church is working at its best if we all are in one accord. Take the truth of God’s Word, there is only one truth, not many variations of the truth, but only one truth. There is a problem the body of Christ if there are all these different denominations, because everyone in not in one accord, in one-mind, being like-minded, in One Truth as the Word of God tells us. There is only one church, not variations of that church as in all the denominations. Something as to give and someone should want to find and know the truth. Pray for revelation that Jesus will bless you with the knowledge and understanding of the truth of His Word.


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