“I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music.” – J.S. Bach

In 2013, I [Joshua] tried starting a music group similar to this one. It was a futile attempt: wrong people, wrong time. I tried again in 2014…same result. But then, in 2015, I met the people that would end my failures.

Now, we are a group of 5 with various talents, from violin to piano, from guitars to vocals, from mandolin to percussion, even from arranging to composing.

Our main goal as God-gifted musicians is not to entertain you. Our music is meant to please One. However, we do wish to encourage you by sharing our testimony. We wish to be a blessing, as that is our responsibility with the talents we’ve been given. When you listen to our music, we don’t want you to hear us, but the hearts of sovereign inspiration. When you watch our videos, we don’t want you to see us, but Christ living in us.

Serving an audience of One,

Joshua, the founder of SZ

Joshua Boquiren | Pianist/Guitarist/Mandolinist/ComposerIMG_4420

Joshua Boquiren is a classically trained musician in piano and guitar. He has been taking private piano lessons for 7 years, and is currently taking lessons from Abby Phillips, who is part of the Charleston Southern University faculty. For two years, he was a self-taught guitarist. Since then, he has been under the tutorage of Christopher Teves, who is also a member of the Charleston Southern university faculty. For two years, Joshua attempted his hand at the violin, but discovered it wasn’t for him. As a result, he opted for the mandolin, which is now his second self-taught instrument. His goal and passion in music is to arrange and compose both small and large scale scores, particularly in the cinematic genre. Joshua plays with the Horton’s School of Music’s guitar ensemble, is the accompanist for his homeschool group’s high school chorus. He is also the pianist, guitarist, mandolinist and composer at Sovereign Zeal.


Saragrace Aban | Vocalist

Ezekiel DiMaria | Violinist/ComposerIMG_0745-2

Eighteen-year-old Ezekiel DiMaria is originally from Liberia and was adopted to the U.S. in April of 2007. When Ezekiel was 12, he started taking violin lessons from his older brother. After a year of Suzuki instruction from his brother and a year of independent learning, he started taking formal lessons from Carey Rasmussen. Ezekiel is currently taking lessons from DeAnndra Glenn, who has broadened his passion and understanding of music and increased his performance skills. He also takes lessons from Yuriy Bekker, who is the concertmaster of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra, and one of the violin professors at College of Charleston.

Ezekiel is currently the concertmaster of the Charleston Symphony Youth Orchestra, and plays with the Summerville Community Orchestra on occasion. He is the wedding violinist at Armonico Music, and is the violinist at the up and coming music group, Sovereign Zeal. Ezekiel’s goal is to become a composer and violin performer. He hopes to specialize in film score composition.

IMG_4391 Elizabeth Ludlam | Vocalist 

Elizabeth Ludlam discovered the joy of praising God through song at the age of four while singing at church. Now shoe is a member of both the Sacred Heart Church Choir and the Bishop England High School Choir. She also serves as a contour at Mass. Elizabeth also enjoys musical theatre. She has been in numerous production in the Charleston area. Her most memorable roles include Yonah in “Children of Eden,” Patrice in “13 the Musical,” Eponine in “Les Miserables,” Rizzon in “Grease,” and Danielle in “Bring it On: The Musical.” She has also appeared as an extra on the television show “Army Wives.”

She is a junior at Bishop England High School and is a member of numerous student organizations, including the National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Band of Buddies, and Drama Club. When she is not singing or doing theatre, she enjoys dancing, reading, writing, and taking care of her three younger siblings. She is grateful to her family for all their support and is blessed to be a part of such a talented group of musicians.

John DiMaria | Pianist/Composer IMG_4395

John DiMaria came to the U.S. from Liberia in 2007, and now resides in Charleston, SC
. He has been playing piano for 5 years and enjoys solo performance, playing at churches, accompanying violinists, and playing music for weddings


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